Keep your data safe and secure

Military Grade encryption

Protect your passwords

Our focus is to help all people to keep their passwords safe and secure. We have create a simple application yet very powerful. We use the latest encryption methods to protect and secure your data. Entire data stays locally on your device and your can backup your encrypted data on your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
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Fully functional offline. No internet connection is required. Access all your information anytime and anywhere

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We use military grade encryption to protect your data

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Instant access to all of your important data. Quick copy of data to clipboard

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Easy to use with a very beautiful design

Password Manager

Keep your accounts safe and secure. Instant access to all of your important data
Protect your data

Password manager is an app which gives you the possibility to manage accounts in one secure and safe place. The application offers quick access to all your valuable information anywhere and anytime (fully functional offline). All data is stored locally on the device (no server is required). Because managing accounts can be very challenging sometimes, the Password Manager offers you the possibility to add custom tags, giving you access to all your precious information in a matter of seconds. You can organize your accounts using a combination of folders and tags. Entire app data is encrypted using the latest standards.

  • Very high

  • Anytime & Anyware

  • Design for all ages

  • Always Free. You will never pay for this app, only for custom features


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