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Remove all ads and support future development

PrivatePass Security

We are very happy to announced that a new version of Password Manger is live on the App Store and it is called PrivatePass Security – Password Manager. This new version is smaller that the current one and you have no ads in the app.

Why a new version?

We have users who like the app and they would like to remove all the ads. For them, we have created a special version smaller and faster.

The design is simple and intuitive and can be used by any person no matter the age or gender.

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2 thoughts on “Remove ADS – IOS

  • I purchesed no-ad addin for free Password Manager.
    So, new APP (gray icon) is instaled and old one (orange idon) is still remaining.
    My latest data is not reflect to new APP.
    And I can not access to my DropBox, which is working well on my iPhone5,
    using old Password Manager.
    What should I do to solve the problem?

    • Hi Yoko,

      We have just received yesterday news from Dropbox that they have changed their Dropbox service, so as a result of that, the Dropbox service is not available at the moment.
      A new version is rolling out today containing the latest changes. So an update for the apps should be available soon. It may take up to 1 day to see the update.

      We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused.
      We will let you know when the update is available.

      Kind Regards,
      support Team

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